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Dustin Overbeek: Music/Lyrics

Love the Grind

(Dustin Overbeek)
November 1, 2011

Verse 1

I'm no stranger to the dawn breaking sun

If I put my mind to it I can get anything done

It's twelve long hours until my working day is through

See a man's work is the measure of his virtue


I don't take the easy way I don't think it's ever crossed my mind

Anything worth earning is worth the price you pay

But you've got to learn to Love the Grind got to learn to Love the Grind

Verse 2

They say idle hands are the devil's play thing

I'll work mine raw just keep the mission moving

I could moan about the ache and the sting

But I'll just step back behind my plow and keep enduring


There's a thousand rungs to the top of the ladder

But it ain't the peak it's the climb that matters

So I'll toil on with diligence and pride

The fruits of my labor show what's inside


copyright 2011 Dustin Overbeek Music, Hannah and Lyle Publishing, ASCAP