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Dustin Overbeek: Press

The maturation of an artist is something wonderful to see and that can certainly be said for Nashville's Dustin Overbeek who just released As Is, his fifth CD and easily his finest work to date.  That's not putting down his previous efforts (Notions, Grounded, One Step Closer and I Can't Fly), all which had merits on their own. This CD is simply a more balanced work throughout and shows the musical growth of this very gifted singer songwriter.  It's a major work: 18 songs written over a three-year period.  The tone is earthy and at times sombre, each song delivering a personal message. Overbeek's lyrics are clean and true and to the heart, and his voice is warm and engaging.  From the wry, self-deprecating As Is ("I'm the last coat on the rack") to the firm morality of High Road ("Put a gun against my head, I'll keep standin''), Overbeek delivers melodious, heartfelt sermons. Co-produced by Eric Fritsch and backed by an A-class band featuring Fristch, Casey Driessen, Tyler Flowers, Madison Sasser, Don Conoscenti and David Henry, the sound is spot-on and chocked with acoustic warmth.  One of the highlights is Love the Grind, a tribute to blue collar life and making that effort every day.  Amen.  Into the Easterly, I Need You and Grass is Greener are gems as well.  From start to finish this is a solid CD.  If you're looking for a great late night fireside spin, pick up As Is by Dustin Overbeek.  You won't be disappointed.  A rising talent.
Tom Mulgrew - Entertainment Wire (Nov 5, 2011)

Dustin Overbeek, "I Can't Fly," 2007 With a voice a little like Merle (that's Haggard, y'all) but more polished like Vince Gill, this guy should be cutting Nashville demos. Sure, he's a singer-songwriter who inches toward rock but with a full band featuring a weepy pedal steel then boy howdy, this is country. Most songs are on the lighter side, like "Divine Intervention" where he sings "I need some heavy, heavy medication / to ease the burden of this race." Tim O'Brien adds mandolin and a harmony vocal. "Carry On" is a view from a barstool but it's a hopeful one, "Under the watchful eye of a neon sign, I will carry on." "Ounce of Simple" is an upbeat toe-tapper. "Break Free" is a more somber tune urging someone to leave an abusive relationship. The best cut is the autobiographical "Somewhere in Between" done only with his acoustic guitar and sparsely played pedal steel.

Dustin Overbeek's music conjures up images of Townes Van Zant playing a game of Texas Hold 'Em with Gordon Lightfoot.

Aaron Carmona - (Oct 16, 2010)

Dustin won his 3rd Eddie's Attic Open Mic on September 4, 2006 in Atlanta, GA. Dustin competed in the $1,000 Semi-annual Shootout on November 25, 2006 reaching the quarter-finals where he lost to the eventual runner-up.

Dustin was chosen in the top 10 out of 150 entrants in the Riverbluff Music Festival Songwriter Contest in Ashland City Tennessee.

Dustin Overbeek's Damn the Rain was chosen as one of the top ten songs on 's open mic competition in July 2006.